Fundamentals of Effective Board Involvement

Are you a new or prospective non-profit board member who is unsure of what you may be getting into? Are you a more experienced board member who doesn't feel that your board participation is all that it could be?

In this free online course, you will:

  • Explore your objectives, roles, and responsibilities, and learn about effective board practices,
  • Find updated board information and an energy boost for board veterans,
  • Learn from the experiences of fellow "students",
  • Apply your knowledge to real board situations.

You can take this course at your own pace, and repeat the modules as many times as you like. Covering all the subjects and activities should take about 2 to 3 hours of work.

When you've completed the training, you will be prepared to demonstrate competent, passionate, accountable and ethical leadership in your organization.

The Building Blocks of Quality Mentoring Programs

Are you starting a new mentoring program and wanting to ensure it meets current practice standards? Or are you running an existing mentoring program and aiming to offer the best quality services possible?

If so, grab your hard hat and steel toe boots, and get ready to learn how to build a high quality, responsible and effective mentoring program. In The Building Blocks of Quality Mentoring Programs course, you will find the tools to:

  • Lay the foundation on which your mentoring program can be built
  • Construct a solid, durable and stable program
  • Create and evaluate positive outcomes for program participants
  • Structure your program to ensure it withstands current challenges and complexities of mentoring.

Take this course at your own pace. If you wish, you can explore only those areas of greatest interest to you. But to get the most out of this course, we recommend that you check out all the topics and activities. It will take you about one and a half to two hours to cover all the subjects and exercises.

You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDF files.
Some files are in a ZIP archive and require software to unzip.

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